I hate this when lectures extend deadline, it will just crash with some extended deadlines assignments, thought can enjoy my weekends, but I don’t think so after my CANI assignment 2 deadline is extended to Monday, 14th October 2002. Arrgghhhh. Need to find sound effects, which is not that easy although I found a few, most of them need to pay.

Left school at about 5.30pm, school computer labs close very early on Wednesdays. Went to Orchard with my girlfriend and Zhi Wei, he want to buy something. LOL. On the way I bought a fourSkins t-shirt, cost me 29 bucks. Had dinner at Cineleisure foodcourt, hot and sour noodle, yummy.

EIDOS said that UT2K3 will be available in stores this Friday, 11th October 2002. Will be buying it asap.