Went to eat Bah Kut Teh(Pork Ribs Soup) in the morning, also long time since I ate it. Went to Suntec after that to look for window air-con, need to install it in the study room, so that my brother can sleep in that room rather then sleeping with my parents. Now only 2 rooms are air-conned, which is my room and my parents room.

Went to Carrefour after that, bought Best 2002 Vol 2 CD. Ate NYDC for my tea-break which is around 5pm. Came back studied P&Q2 and watch some television, did not eat dinner, had a very heavy meal at NYDC.

Tomorrow will be my P&Q2 exams at 2pm, paper will last for 90 minutes till 3.30pm. Finally exams are in the afternoon.

Good luck to all students taking P&Q2 exams tomorrow.