Went to Clementi to eat lunch with my girlfriend before going to school to take my P&Q2 exams. Ate the Katong Laksa there, well it is the best stall at the coffee shop, wanted to eat at the market there, but I think they doing some renovation or fogging, all the stalls not opened.

My P&Q2 exams today was rather easy compared with the 2 other papers I took last week, left 2 more exams which will be on this Wednesday, 30th October 2002 and Friday, 1st November 2002.

Wednesday’s paper will be mine most difficult paper, DSAL(Data Structure & Algorithms), language used is JAVA, and JAVA is my weakest programming language -_-!. Really hope I can pass this paper. Good luck to me.

Friday’s paper will be very easy for me, WWWP(Web Programming), which consists of HTML, CSS, DHTML, XML, XSL and Javascript, really hope I can score an A or better still an AD for this module as I scored an AD for last semester WEBP(Web Publishing).