Wake up at 8am today to fetch my girlfriend from the bus-stop to my house, and after that my mom fetch her to work. Went back to sleep after that. LOL

Studied for my BTT this afternoon, read through the whole book and I thought it will be easy, but after reading it, i realised that there is so much thing to remember, the test is 50 MCQs, cannot get more than 5 wrong. But before taking the test I need to take an evaluation test something like prelims as I am taking as a student of the school and not as a private candidate.

Mom bought lunch back for me.

Went to my mom’s office to accompany her to take bus home at 5pm, she got 1 direct bus home, so I took the bus with her till Funan, then I dropped, at least I can get to see her. LOL

Came back, played some games and did some minor modifications to the gallery page, the page now is much more organised now.