It’s a rainy day and the sun wouldn’t shine, it’s a rainy, it’s a rainy. Nice old techno song from Ice MC called It’s A Rainy Day. It practically rained the whole day today.

Slept till 1.30pm, the weather is so good to sleep. LOL. Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to eat lunch with my brother at about 2pm when the rain is lighter. Ate Spicy Beef Vegetable Soup Set from the Korea stall there. It is nice. One of the best Korea food stall I have eaten. Yummy. Drooling? On the way back, went to buy Bread Talk’s bread for my girlfriend.

As usual went to fetch her from my mom’s office. So happen to see 1 computer programmer there doing my mom’s web based accounting system, it is done in ASP using Microsoft Visual Fox. I think now it is known as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. Luckily I sent my girlfriend home as half way through the journey she was not feeling well.

Well tomorrow together with my girlfriend we are going update my mom’s website products page.

Added a few new blogs links on the left, 2 of them(Billy & Ahmad) are SP lecturers the rest are all my classmates. If the list gets too long, I will replace it with drop-down menu. Well looks like “Blogging” is the in-thing nowadays.