Went to my mom’s office to take pictures of the products, had a hard time finding a suitable location to place the products, the place is always too dark, so no choice but to place it at a place where it is nearer to sunlight, even so, the pictures taken is not as bright as I though, still can make it though. Took about a total of about 50 pictures.

After that went to apply GIRO for my EZ-Link card after that, so now once the value reach below $0, it will auto top-up $20. Save me the trouble to queue up for 15 minutes just to top up $20 at the counter.

Came home with my girlfriend to transfer all the photos to my computer and to digitally trace out the product itself by deleting off the background. The power of Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Tomorrow shall be resizing, and if times allows, upload the pictures and add in descriptions of the products on the web.