Slept till 12.30pm, wanted to follow my mom to SpotLight at Orchard Point to buy the curtain’s cloth, but couldn’t wake up, so didn’t went.

After playing a few rounds of Yahoo Literati and Starcraft: Brood War, it is almost 6pm. Slept for a while till 7pm, then went for dinner at Singapore Swimming Club, ate the international buffet there, $22, quite a wide spread of food, but the food quality is not that great.

Came back, mom did facial on me to get rid of the pimples, lots of pimple on my forehead. I think I am going to get a flu soon. Got sore throat when I woke up, which is not a really good sign.

Lian is also down with a flu, must be the pop corn we ate yesterday at the movies and furthermore we ate too much heaty stuffs over the past weeks. My brother is also down with a serious cough too.

Lets hope 3 of us can get well soon. =)