Did the same old usual stuffs like last week, update my mom’s company’s website, almost done, should be able to finish by this week. The site is quite slow, do not really know whether the fault lies with WebVisions(the host) of the file size of the page.

Came back played a little Unreal Tournament 2003 with cheats this time, woo, I must say the last weapon(Redeemer) is indeed very powerful, can killed so many people within a huge radius. The Ion Painter is also quite powerful.

Watched Unbeatables III at 9pm on Channel 8, the 3rd sequel to MediaCorp’s first gambling drama, Unbeatables. Well, I must say the show’s special effects has major improvement since Unbeatables II, but it still looks fake. LOL. The cards’ special effect is the best among all the special effects. Woot, will not be missing a single episode of that show if possible, total of 30 episodes.