Went to Great World City’s Kenny Rogers for lunch after fetching my brother from Tiong Bahru Plaza, he just came back from chalet and is 3/4 dead. Thats the after effects of chalet. LOL

Got a feeling I am getting a fever soon as I feel very restless, so went to eat 2 panadole and make myself perspire by doing exercise, and I feel much better now. Hehe, I am weak nowadays, damm it, hate to fall sick.

Left the item codes and prices to update for the products and I have till Friday to do it. Next week till 15th December 2002, Lian will be doing office work, because my mom’s secretary is on MC till 15th December, after 15th December, then will continue working on the site to add in more products.

Watched the International match between Korea and Brazil, score is 2(Korea)-3(Brazil). Match took place in Korea and it is winter over there, all the Brazilians players wear gloves. The match is so-so only, not that exciting. But nevertheless, Korea put up a very good fight.

About 40 more minutes(server time is slower by about 20 minutes) to the release of my results. Getting very nervous. Will be posting my results as soon I get them. Good luck to all.