Went to Amara Hotel the food court for lunch, well I must say that the Thai food and Korean food there is very delicious but it is more expensive than most of the food courts. Maybe because of the rent there.

After lunch followed my mom to bank and some other places, came back home at about 3.30pm. My mom’s site is more or less done, left some products’ item code and price that we left out, other than that it is completed. My Mom brought back home quite a number of products for me to take a picture of them, woo work time!

On my way back after sending Lian to Eunous MRT Station, bought some Bread Talk’s bread for supper, didn’t realise they have about 5 new types of bread.

Mom came back home late, so she bought food back though she suppose to cook today, ate my favourite duck noodle from Pasir Panjang.

Started work on my b2online.php, it is an add-on to b2stats.php that lists the number of online users(comments members name and guest), their email and homepage(if possible). About 50% done.