Took lunch at my house downstairs coffeeshop with Lian, ate the chicken shredded noodle. Came back home complete my mom’s site, so now left about 5 products with no item codes or price, will double check it with my mom.

While going to Tiong Bahru Plaza, saw my secondary school friends, the group that I used to hang out with, LOL, so coincidence, they were on the way to play basketball, finally they saw me with Lian.

Went to Maxwell Market for dinner, as usual ate my favourite fried fish soup with rice. My modules results will be out today(mid-night), will be posting it as soon as I checked it. Good luck to all.

My b2online.php is done, it can be access @ It will not be available for download yet, don’t really have the time to do the documentation. I try to do that as soon as possible.