Ate the famous Crayfish Ipoh Hor Fun at Hock Hai Market, it is indeed very delicious, luckily the queue is short when we went there, after we left, the queue was rather very long.

Went out with Lian and the newest couple(Zhi Wei & Jean) in our course to watch GhostShip at Bugis Junction. Well didn’t know the show is NC-16, until I check the internet for the show time, of course that didn’t bother me, I am 18 =). Thought there will be some gruesome scene, but I least expect it to be a nudity scene -_-!

Well, overall the show is not that great and the ending sucks, no wonder 8 Days magazine gave it a 2.5 stars rating over 5.

Went to the M1 shop over there, saw the Nokia 8250, priced at $98 for 2 years plan. Lian will be trading in her 8210 and getting the phone next month. Talking about handphone, will be going to Nokia Care tomorrow to check what the heck happen to my Nokia 7210 charging system. This is a weird problem, my brother Nokia 7210 charger can charge both my phone and his phone, but my charger can’t charge my phone but can charge his, grrrr, this is a very weird symptom.