I went to Cineleisure’s Nokia Care Center to repair my phone, on the way went to the food court there for lunch. The person said I can come and collect my phone 2 hours later, luckily no need to leave my phone overnight there.

In the meantime went to Takashimaya and Wisma Atria to do some shopping, I wanted to buy a pair of shorts and a shirt from Ocean Pacific(OP), but end up didn’t buy it because both outlets didn’t have M size, but they do have the shirt. They are having a promotion, for every $50 spend in a single receipt, you can buy a pencil case for only $3.90, wanted that pencil case, but the shirt alone doesn’t cost $50, so my mom says next week go to another outlet to buy. LOL.

Went to collect my phone after 2 hours, the person told me that they have to change the DC connector and tested with another charger and it works, so I took my charger and test it on the spot, it didn’t work, the person took a new charger for me to test, and it works, so, in conclusion, is the charger fault, wasted my 2 hours waiting for the phone’s repair for nothing.

I went to Sim Lim Square after that, my brother wanted to get information about PlayStation2 and X-Box, and I wanted to buy the PCI to USB 2 card. Bought the card for $39.90 and it comes with 4 external USB 2 ports and 1 internal USB 2 port. Asked around Sim Lim Square for the price of X-Box and PlayStation2, X-Box costs $388 with 1 controller and PlayStation2 costs $399 with 1 controller without modification.

My brother wanted to get PlayStation2 and I wanted to get X-Box, so still haven’t arrived at a conclusion of which console system to get.

Its raining cats and dogs now wanted to order Pizza Hut for dinner now, but they say it is raining heavily now, so no home delivery!!! I guess that I have to eat porridge with canned food for dinner, which I don’t really like.