Woo, sorry for the late post was busy almost for the whole day.

Played Warcraft 3 yesterday night with Reaper and DeMoBLiTzer after an inactive period of 2 months, abit rusty for the 1st round, after the 2nd and 3rd round finally got back my skills. Hehe

Followed my mom to the office in the morning at about 8.30am to take pictures of the 3rd batch of products. Ate breakfast at Pasir Panjang Market, ate the Hainanese vegetable rice, Lian and my mom ate the famous duck noodle. Hehe. Took about 40 different products pictures this time, so total products pictures taken will be 50 + 42 + 40 = 132, from 1st batch to 3rd batch.

After Lian’s work went to Orchard to shop around, drank the Cookie Spin from Spinelli, it taste good, wanted something new because I always drink the Banana Spin. Wanted to eat Marche at Hereen at first but the queue is so damm long, so called my parents to change venue to Suntec’s City Marche.

When we reached there, the queue was also damm long. We decided not to eat Marche, went to Suntec’s City basement for a walk to see what to eat, almost all the restaurants have queue, and the queue is not that short. We decided to settle for Fish & Co instead, the queue was the shortest among all the restraints.

After dinner sent Lian home, followed by sending my brother to Coastal Sands chalet. Came back watched Unbeatables 3 on tape, hehe my mom taped it =P