Went to Great World City to eat lunch with my mom, bro and of course Lian. Ate the teppanyaki there, long time since I ate it. Hehe.

Later on went to M1 to buy Lian’s Nokia 8250, my mom paid for her first because she didn’t bring along her money and it is my fault because I forgot to tell her that there is an M1 shop there. Hehe.

Came back did the image resizing and added contrast and brightness to it. This batch there are a total of 43 products compared to last batch which had 50 products. Tomorrow will be doing in the product entry to the website. This should take about 2 to 3 days.

After sending Lian to Eunos MRT, came back to Tiong Bahru to meet my secondary school friends for a movie at Great World City again. Watched GhostShip again as most of them haven’t watched it yet, so I don’t really mind watching it again because I only need to pay $4 and they pay the rest for me. LOL

Ate dinner ate Great World City foodcourt again, ate Fried Beef with Ginger And Spring Onion With Rice, the food taste quite good and price is quite reasonable, $4.30.

Came back look through Computer Times, saw the Iomega offer they having at Sitex 2002, 750MB Zip Drive for $298, upon any purchase of a 750MB Zip Drive, entitles you to buy 2 750MB Zip Disc for only $1. That is a very good offer. The drive alone at Sim Lim Square cost $268(cheapest) and one 750MB Zip Disc cost about $20. Woo can’t wait to get my hands on it on Saturday. Hehe