Woke up at 1.30pm today, as usual the more I sleep the more I wanted to sleep. LOL. Went to Marina Square with my family. Had lunch at the food court, ate sirloin steak on hot-plate, cost me $7.80.

Went OP to buy my shirt and shorts, shorts only left XL where I wanted M, 4th OP shop that do not have M size, guess that most Singaporean wear M size shorts. LOL. End up buying my that shirt and 1 t-shirt, cost about $60, bought the pencil box for $3.90(usual price $9.90) because I spent $50 and above. Hehe, will be giving that pencil box to Lian.

Came back watched Star Awards 2002, lasted about 210 minutes. Ate steamboat for dinner, all those left over food from the last steamboat session.

50th week begins tomorrow, with about 2 weeks left before it turns 2003.

*Update* Drank Pepsi new product, Blue Cola, not too bad, not as gassy as the normal Pepsi.