Woo, sleep till 3.30pm today, looks like I woke up later each day. LOL. Played Warcraft III yesterday with Demoblitzer and Reaper, only won the first round, then straight loses, man do we suck. Slept at 3am.

Meeting Lian at 4.15pm at my mom’s office, and I woke up at 3.30pm, wanted to eat at my house’s coffeshop, but end up packing the food to go my mom’s office and eat. Rained the whole afternoon, thought heavy rain is coming so I brought out umbrella, but when I reached my mom’s office at 4.20pm, it is only slight drizzle.

Wanted to play Worms 2 with Lian over the internet, but I think due to my router and Worms 2 is such an old game, we couldn’t connect to each other. Waiting for Worms 3. Hehe

Didn’t know my house’s pasar malam(night market) started today, it normally last for 3 days, will end on Wednesday. Been about 4 months since the last masar malam.

4 more days to weekends. Will be going out with Lian for shopping on Saturday.