Did not play any Warcraft III yesterday night, Reaper wanted to watch television, so end up not playing. Sleep quite early, about 1am.

Ate vegetable rice from my house’s coffeeshop, well I must say it tastes quite good, another stall which is good other than the Western Food, Wan Ton Mee and Lor Mee.

Mom fetch me to her office as she was on her way and it was raining too at about 4pm. When coming back, in the MRT saw one person using Nokia 7210 with black casing, looks cool and elegant, think I will buy it soon.

Ate boneless and skinless duck rice for dinner, quite famous one also at the Pasir Panjang Road. Been raining at night till now, it has been such a cooling night.

Will be meeting my secondary school classmates for lunch tomorrow, and on the way need to pass one of them my discman.