Ate lunch at Park Mall’s Hans, long time since I ate Hans, didn’t know they increase the price of their set lunches from $6.80 to $7.50. GST(Goods & Service Tax) will also be increased by 1% to 4%, looks like everything is increasing except your pay/allowance. Sad case, sooner or later fast-food meals going to go up to $10, hawker centers food will go up to $5.

About a week didn’t eat Bread Talk, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza after Lian’s work to buy some bread home for supper. Looks like I will get hungry after 1am nowadays. LOL

Wow, today is one short blog, nothing much to say. Will be posting site updates soon after the code is more or less bug free. Hehe

*Update* Posted my computer tabletop and 2 room pictures. Tabletop, Room 1, Room 2.