Slept till 3.30pm today, was raining so heavy and so nice to sleep. LOL, woke up started coding my Food Module after planning out the whole structure yesterday. It will contain the best eating places in Singapore, got about 200 records to be inserted into the database and more to come as time passes. Finished coding the main part, now left the admin section which will allow you to add/modify/delete records. I have uploaded one screenshot, click here to view it.

Went to Bukit Merah to eat the “Hong Kong Street Cooked Food” again, kinda addicted to the food. Finished 1 whole plate of fried hor-fun with fish which cost $8 by myself, as that is like my only meal of the day.

Will be playing Warcraft III later, been about 4 days since I last play it. So I shall stop here today.