Will be ranting alot in this blog post, so bear with it. Hehe

Slept at 5am yesterday, played Warcraft III till 3am, spent the next 2 hours trying to configure php as a SAPI module in Apache2 on my computer, but no matter how I try still couldn’t get it to work. Decided to give up and post help on SitePoint Forums and wait for the answer on the next day.

Woke up at 8am fetch Lian from the bus-stop to my house. After she left with my mom to the office, I read the replies on the help thread that I posted, then someone told me that php 4.2.3 is not compatible with Apache2 as a SAPI module !=_=!, but is is compatible with Apache1, so decided to download it and try it out, without much sweat I am able to configure it. Damm Apache2, make me lose my sleep.

Lian came my house today to do the 3rd batch of products, she will be focusing on doing the web till she quits on 27th December 2002. Hehe Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s foodcourt to have lunch with her, ate the tom yam soup with rice, I must say that is the worst tom yam soup I ever eaten.

Did the coding of the administration section of the food module, almost all done left the authenticating of the users, which I still not too sure how to do it. Will try to do it tomorrow.

My classmate SMSed me, told me that the BBQ for the chalet will be on 18th December 2002, evening time. So most probably I will go after Lian finished her work and I don’t think I will be staying for the chalet, heard from my friend that those who are staying need to pay $30 plus. That is so expensive, and I am broke. Need to save up for Christmas. Hehe

Younger brother came back home after staying in my grandmother’s house for a week. No more peaceful moments. LOL

Will be playing Warcraft III in a moment, so the ranting shall stop here, told ya that it is a long post.