Went to eat Claypot Laksa at Depot Road, long time since I ate it, it is so nice and it is very famous, lunch time always crowded, thus we went after lunch time. LOL

After that, went to my house downstairs the temple there to pray “Tai Sui”, the Chinese should know what is it. Throw a couple of coins at the temple’s fountain bell, hit twice, not an easy task. Always will waste some coins on that whenever I visit that temple. Hehe

Went to Bugis Junction to look for Luminous Dice, but could not find it. Ate dinner at the food court there with Lian accompanying me. Parents and Brother went out for dinner so left me. Bought some Bread from Bread Talk home for supper.

Will be going out with Lian, Jean and Zhi Wei, so will be out the whole day. Hehe

*Update* Received my 2nd Christmas card today, sent by Lynn, my poly classmate. Thanks Lynn.