Warning : “Long Post Ahead” lolz

Went to Scotts foodcourt for breakfast, add Creamy Chicken from Pasta Mania and drank the soup from a stall that sells alot of soups, don’t really know what stall is it. The soup tastes great, can considered one of the best western soups I ever drank.

Later went to Tangs to buy my Levis Type1 Jeans, $99.80, my brother also bought his jeans from Levis, those normal one, about $70. Total cost about $170, but due to my mine Tangs $90 voucher, only paid $80 plus for both jeans, cheap cheap.

Went to Takashimaya later, mom wanted to look at some Kipling bag, too bad there is no discount there, cost about $160. Mom didn’t buy it because she went to the Kipling Boutique at Bugis Junction yesterday, there is discount there, cost only about $120. Think she will be buying it over there.

After that, we proceed to Hereen, wanted to look at some fourskin’s t-shirt, got a few new design, but not really nice, did not buy in the end. Brother went to Flash & Splash and 37° degrees to buy some t-shirts. He bought so many clothes today, only bought 1 pair of jeans =( LOL

Met Klaus and friends at Carrefour, I was late but 2 of them was later than me LOL. Bought the foods and a bottle of red wine from Carrefour. Took bus 16 from there, thought the back part of Orchard Road will not jam like yesterday, but I was wrong, it also jam all the way from Dhoby Ghaut to Somerset !=_=!. In the end we came down somewhere near Park Mall and walk to Orchard Plaza to take bus 123 straight to my house. LOL

Came home, mom prepares all the food, we feel bad about it, but no choice, my mom’s kitchen is like forbidden area. LOL Ate the steamboat, quite alot of left over food, as I am the one who say if eating steamboat no left over food not fun. Hehe

Got a surprise, didn’t expect Reaper and CS to give us Christmas presents. Thanks Reaper and CS for your Christmas presents, and thanks Jacky for your Christmas Card. I and Klaus feel so bad, never give out, only take. LOL, too lazy, nevermind there is always next year. Hehe

Wohoo, 2 more day to Christmas. Will be putting up the falling down snow tomorrow. Hehe