Today is week 52th, last week for the year 2002. Next Monday which is 30th December 2002 will be the first week of the year 2003. Christmas in just 26 hours time.

Lian bought breakfast for me, MacDonalds Sausage McMuffins, thought it is expensive, didn’t know MacDonalds is having a promotion, 1 McMuffin for only $1, this is such a good promotion, love the McMuffins.

Went to Amara Hotel’s foodcourt for lunch, all of us ate the Korea Food as usual as it is very delicious =D~~~. Hehe later on went to OCBC head-office at Shenton Way, wanted to reapply my moi card, but cannot be done on the spot, so as usual fill in the same old form again and gave the person, said will mail me back in a weeks time.

Received the icons Lian created for me at night, if you add this site to your favourites, you will see the icon instead of the default IE page icon. Will be tweaking the icon a little, thus this is not the final product. Uploaded the gallery viewer that I have been working on last week, it is extracted from the Image module, but it is the improved version of it with bugs fixes, better codes and better security features.

Will be watching LOTR : The Two Towers at GV Plaza tomorrow with Lian, lunch will be eating at Swensens and supper will be at Upper Thomson’s Roti Prata. Hehe =D