Today is Lian last day or work. Went to Hans for lunch at Park Mall. Ate the Beef Hor-Fun there, nice. LOL

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza after sending Lian to the bus-stop to meet my parents for dinner. Had dinner at the food court there.

Came back check my class modules information, only the core modules has been released, electives modules will be at a later date. To my surprise my class change from 02 to 03, was happy of course because Lian is also in 03, and some of my good buddies also went to 03. Heard that 01/02 will be design, video and audio related electives modules and 03/04 will be programming related modules. Finally can be in the same class with Lian and at the same time my good buddies are also in there. LOL

Today is Unbeatables III last episode, woo, exciting. Hehe

Server still having problems with PHP and MYSQL. Posting this past 2 days blogs using my localhost.

Will be going out with Lian tomorrow to Orchard area. Hehe. Left 4 days till 2003. Wohoooooo.