Been out the whole day for almost 12 hours. Went to Far East Plaza to see the newly renovated area with Lian. Basically the whole of Basement 1 or was it Level 1. LOL. Nothing much to shop, very spacious and about 5 food stalls. Before that, add lunch at Scotts food-court, had creamy chicken from Pasta Mania, was quite hungry so I think only pasta can make me full. LOL

Went to CK Tangs to look-see look-see, still nothing much to do, so decided to watch movie, but not sure what movie to watch, wanted to watch LOTR: The Two Towers again, so we went to GV at Plaza Singapure, queue was long and LOTR: The Two Towers was selling out very fast. So we ended up watching a Japanese Anime, The Cat Returns. The language is in Japanese, overall show is not bad better than some hollywood movies but too bad it lasted only about 1 hour.

Went to Suntec also to look-see look-see, ate dinner at the foodcourt there, ate Korean food, Lian ate the Loy Kee Chicken Rice, and she was complaining it sucks, I agree with her on this point. LOL

After sending home dad called up, he want to pick me up to go to Airport to fetch my uncle and eat supper there. Had supper at Swensens at Terminal 2 of Changi Airport, ice cream, yummy.

Found out that so far there are about 13 people in my class, DMMT/FT/2B/03. That includes Lian, Klaus and Reaper. The class arrangement may not be final, but I hoped it is final for me and Lian, hehe, same class. Think the electives modules will be out on Monday, 30th December 2002.

Many thanks to peroxide for configuring/solving the php/problems, however, server still not up yet, just need someone to restart the server. Anyway, PHP 4.3.0 is released, just installed it along with Apache 2.0.43 on my localhost.