Thought it will be a boring day today, but it is a busy day for me. Site is up thanks to Abnormal, spend the whole afternoon fixing codes on the site because new version of php has been installed need to recode some stuffs.

Played 1 round of Starcraft : BroodWar, with Lian and her friends, played 3v2 humans. We won because we are the 3. LOL. What a silent game with no sound.

Since this morning my speakers has been giving me problems, no sound is played when I played my mp3, instead the “sa-sa-sa-sa” noise is given out. The noise produced also sometimes loud sometimes soft even though my volume setting is at the very minimum. Spend the whole evening debugging it. Took my brother’s speakers and my headphones to test on my sound card, it works, there is sound. Took my discman and connect it to my speakers, no sound but the “sa-sa-sa-sa” noise. So I came to a conclusion my speakers is spoilt.

Will be going to Hougang to meet Lian then proceed to Sim Lim Square to buy my new speakers, Creative Inspire 4400(4.1 Speaker System). Most probably will come home after that, then we will proceed to Causeway Point and North Point Shopping Centers. Hehe.

1 more day left to 2003. Treasure 2002 while you still can. LOL