Last day of year 2002. Went down to my house’s coffeeshop to eat chicken shredded noodle for lunch, while waiting for bus took out my discman, realised one side of my headphones is spoilt because the right part got no sound. Grrrr. Was so angry, speaker spoilt and next my headphones, sound devices, sighz.

Met Lian at Hougang, later went to Hougang South Bus Interchange to buy tertiary bus pass, wow the queue sure is long, but not choice have to buy, my pass will expire on 1st January 2003. At least the counter staff is fast, so within 30 minutes is our turn.

Went to Sim Lim Square after that to buy my Speakers, cost me $79. Wanted to buy my headphones, but don’t really like the Sony new style of headphones, but guess I have no choice. Saw the price which is around $35-$40, much cheaper than the time I bought mine, $49.90. Think I will buy it tomorrow or so.

Came home to put my speakers down, saw a letter from OCBC on the table. I have guess it should be my Debit Card. Well, I was right, it is my OCBC Moi Debit Card. However, I still cannot used it yet, need to activate my moi account, which requires me to go down to any OCBC bank, think I will do it on Thursday or Friday.

Went to Causeway to shop around, ate Swensens for dinner. Lian wanted to go to CD-Rama, but after we ate the CD-Rama shop just closed and Music Junction at Causeway Point do not sell JPop. Wierd.

Came home at 10.30pm. Wow Tiong Bahru Plaza’s bus-stop sure is crowded, hardly got space to move. Police and Bus Conductor came down to monitor the human crowd and buses. Looks like an exciting 2003 New Year Eve for Singaporeans.

52 more minutes to 2003 (Local Time)
80 more minutes to 2003 (Server Time)