Happy New Year 2003 Everyone. First day of year 2003.

Went for Tim Sum at Lei Garden at Orchard Plaza with my parents and Lian. Mom foot the first bill with 4% GST. LOL. Things will get more expensive this year.

After Tim Sum, Lian and I set off to Hereen, Lian wanted to see her Kinki Kids and J-Friends CDs. My parents left for Robinson’s at Center Point.

Went to Bugis with Lian after that, I went to buy my headphones from Sony V8 Movies, cost me $40.50, walk around Bugis, saw Kinki Kids F album at Sembawang, only cost $39.90, when HMV is selling it for $52.90. Even thought it is much cheaper, Lian didn’t buy it. It is still expensive. I never buy a CD which cost more than $20, and now I didn’t buy CD at all.

Went to Mos Burger for a light snack, had fries and a Ice Milk Tea. I just love Mos Burger’s Ice Milk Tea.

Reached home at about 5pm after sending Lian home, bath and had a good nap till now. LOL. Will be going to eat dinner at Bukit Merah, Hong Kong Street Cooked Food. Yummy.

Here is Singapore’s Top 10 Happenings (Thanks Shaun):

» 1. Esplanade
» 2. Surbaru Impreza Challenge
» 3. Korea/Japan World Cup 2002
» 4. Amazing Race Comes To Singapore
» 5. Tiger Cup (Singapore vs Malaysia)
» 6. Newater Launch
» 7. 2002 MTV Asia awards
» 8. Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert In Singapore
» 9. MediaCorp’s Star Awards 2002
» 10. Standard Chartered’s Marathon.

Here is some site’s stats for last year:

» 265 Posts Posted
» 945 Comments Posted
» 40 Different Nicks Were Represented
» More than 2000 Unique Hits

Hope year 2003 will be a good and fruitful year for all of use. All the best.