Went to Bank with my mom this afternoon to activate my moi account. Now it has been activated, wohoo, can use. Also lower the maximum debit limit to $1000 instead of $3000. Hehe

My HWM magazine came today, woo, they got an article abut the microprocessor(1971 – beyond) and also reviewed about NVDIA’s latest card, GeForce FX. Woot

In coding stuffs, I have upgraded Orientek and Paranoia’s b2 to the latest version, seems to me that both of them is having some problem with the older version. I have also coded VBulletin style of page navigation for b2, will be implementing it soon once it is more or less bug-free.

Will be meeting Lian tomorrow. Hehe.

*Update* Blizzard is going to release 3 more Warcraft III figurines. Here is the mystery picture. Wonder what they are. Definitely going to buy it. I have all 3 Warcraft III figurines and all 3 Starcraft figurines.