Went to fetch Lian to my house from Kembangan MRT Station. She came my house to do some minor correction of my mom’s website, which only takes about 15 minutes. LOL

Went to Causeway Point again after that to look-see look-see as that time didn’t get to walk the whole shopping center as it was quite big and we went there quite late. Ate Fiesta Japanese Restaurant for dinner, cost us about $30.

Went to Suntec City from Causeway point, Lian wanted to the Tower Records there. After much walking sat down at MacDonalds to have some light snacks. Tried their mushroom soup, not too bad, but abit salty. The fries there, large almost like medium.

On the way back home, Lian went to HMV at CityLink to buy the J-Friends CD, thought there was no CD inside at first as the packaging is abit wierd. But after confirmation with the staff there, there is a CD inside, Lian bought it.

Will be cutting my hair tomorrow, bye bye to my quite long hair. LOL. 2 more days to school.