Ate the famous Minced Pork Noodle at BestWay Building. Been months since I ate that.

Later went to my Everton’s Park to have my hair cut with my grandmother. She also wanted to wash her hair. Cost me $16 for a haircut and washing hair. I love the washing hair part because they massage your scalp as they wash, so comfortable. LOL

Waited at my grandmother house for my mom to fetch me, saw my baby cousin they, so fast he is 4 months old. When baby grows up, you grow old.

Came back did some modification to my site. Looks like there is always things to do on my site. LOL. Mom bought back Prawn Noodle at about 5pm, ate it, not too bad.

Went for a late dinner at Upper Thomson, ate the famous roti prata there. Also been months since I ate it. Add the Cheese, Onion and Egg and Paper Thin prata.

1 more day still school reopen. 27 days to Chinese New Year. Hehe