Did nothing much today, except for fixing some codes and playing BroodWar with Lian. Called her in the evening to have some chit chat as usual.

Wanted to buy new shoes today at Queensway, but who knows the carpark there is full and opposite the HDB carpark is also full. End up didn’t went there and went to Henderson Coffeeshop to eat the Teochew Porridge for dinner.

School starts for me tomorrow, first lesson at 11am, will be meeting Lian at 10am for breakfast at the foodcourt. Miss the cheap and good food there. 2002/2003 Semester II here i come!!!!!

Better sleep early today, no more late nights. Miss those days where Lian is working for my mom, haiz, how time flies. Those were the days. Treasure it.

Anyway, regarding the new Warcraft III figurines, there are Death Knight, DreadLord and NE Archer. Here is the picture.