Thought there is no PCT lecture today at 5pm, was so happy, but who knows when we double confirm with the lecturer there is one. Long break of 6 hours. Definitely we are not staying in school for the 6 hours.

Bought 2 more books, cost me $61, one is Director 8 and Lingo and the other is VB.NET with Database Access. The books is quite heavy.

Went to Suntec’s Burger King with Lian for lunch, we ate the Turkey Bacon Double Cheese. Walked around Suntec till about 1.45pm then proceed to Orchard Road. Went to Ngee Ann City. Ngee Ann City != Takashimaya. Takashimaya is just a department store in Ngee Ann City. Lian wanted to go to Kinokoniya Book Store there to see comics. Walk pass M1 shop at B1 of Ngee Ann City, Lian wanted to upgrade her handphone plan to OK21 Flex, as I told her it is very cheap with that plan, you pay $36 but get 900 mins worth of talktime or 900 free sms, which is worth $45.

Ask the lady there, she keep asking ask to call 1627 to upgrade the plan instead of letting us do it there. So nevermind we went to Paragon which is opposite, there is also M1 shop there, went to the customer service to change the plan on the spot, but will be effective tomorrow.

Went back school at 5pm for the PCT lecture. Well it is not that bad, the lecturer is funny and talk as fast as Lian and I. Didn’t regret going back for it, but my shoulder is aching, carrying 4 heavy books from school to Suntec then Orchard and back to school again.

After dinner file all my notes which is accumulating on my shelves since start of 2002. But 2 files seems not enough, will be buying 1 more soon.

Released at 1pm tomorrow, will be watching movie with Lian, Klaus and friends. Still thinking what movie to watch. LOL