Went to school at 10am today for breakfast. First lesson was a practical lesson. All the old computer lab has been upgraded to Pentium 4 2.40 Ghz, a 48x24x48 Iomega CD Write and some labs even with Philips 15 Inch LCD Screen. Power.

All of it is better than my computer, sighz. Technology gets outdated so fast.

Went to buy some textbooks at my school’s popular bookstore, 2 books cost me $58 and still got 3 more books to buy. This semester textbooks is the most expensive ones.

After school went with Lian to Bugis’s Mos Burger to have some light snack. Bought the Yakiniku Rice Burger plus some French Fries. Asked them for Tomato Ketchup, to my surprise the whole restaurant ran out of tomato ketchup, can’t believe this.

Walked to Bras Basar later to buy some stationary as the Popular Bookstore there is the biggest. Spent about $70 on school stuffs.

Woo, tomorrow go school for 2 hours only, 9am to 11am, if no tutorial, only from 9am to 10am. As normally 1st week of school do not have tutorials.