School end at 1pm for me today. After school went to buy the final 2 books, cost me about $60 also. Overall spent about $200 on textbooks. Spent the most on textbooks for this semester.

Went to Orchard Cineleisures foodcourt for lunch, been months since I ate there. Ate the duck rice there. It is nice, if not it will not be surviving for so long. I still find Orchard Cineleisures foodcourt is one of the best foodcourt in Singapore as most of the food selling there are nice. Scottss foodcourt is not bad either.

Watched ISPY today with Lian, Reaper and friends. Klaus could not make it. The show lasted about 2 hours. Show wasnt that bad, but it is lame. LOL.

After the show we parted, Lian and I went to Sembawang Music Store to look at CDs. Went down to Cheers later to see got any tidbits or food to buy. Saw the smoothie quite interesting, ordered Banana and Mango with yogurt. Weird mixture and it tastes like Cods Liver Oil. While paying for the drinks, saw Charlene aka Pinktasy and her sister there. They both look so alike.

Went to Hereen for a while before proceeding home.

Will be a long day for tomorrow and Friday, 9am to 5.30pm. =_=