Had lecture till 1pm today. Went to Clementi for lunch as the foodcourt is quite crowded. Ate the Katong Laksa there. Long time never eat Laksa. Taste so nice.

Took my first lesson of Visual Basic today, well it was quite fun. Lecturer is quite good. The language seems to be almost the same as Java, but easier than Java, more interesting than Java and less laggy than Java. Woo got to love VB next to PHP.

Went to This Fashion near Bugis with Lian after school. Lian want to look at some clothes, but end up she bought clothes at This Fashion at Heartland Mall.

Came back, did my PC-Technology Quiz, scored full marks for all 3 online tutorial with some help from Lian. Posting this blog by typing in HTML. Dont know why PHP could not connect to MYSQL on my computer today. Weird, and yesterday it was working properly. Computer is so vulnerable.

Another long day tomorrow. 9.30am to 5.30pm. Boring.

*Update* Woo, reinstall MYSQL really works. Hehe. Now my computer has all the latest server software, Apache 2.0.43, PHP 4.3.0, MYSQL 3.2.54.