Wanted to go Plaza Singapuras foodcourt for lunch, but when we reach there, we found of there the foodcourt is gone. Not too sure whether it is under renovations or it is closed forever.

Went to Basement 2 to look for food to eat. End up eating Pasta Mania. Tried the Japanese Potatoes at 1 of the food stall, not too sure of the name. It is so expensive, cost me $1.50 for a small piece of that. Nevertheless, it is delicious.

Hero is definitely a crap show. By the way, the show is in Mandarin. The plot and storyline really sucks. Only the fighting effects is fantastic, even better than Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Show lasted about 80 minutes. Some part of the show is fact, the part that Qin Emperor unite China as one country.

Long day for tomorrow and Friday, 5.30pm then dismiss.