Bought bus concession stamp at Hougang South Interchange. Proceed to the National Library after that to return Lian’s borrowed book. Ate the fishball noodle from the coffeshop there. Nice and cheap too, $3 and so much ingredient, and the fishballs so big. LOL

Went to This Fashion at Douby Ghaut to look for Lian’s clothes, she could not find what she want. So later we went to Plaza Singapura, Lian bought a shirt from Diamaru, they having sales there as they closing down in March.

Went to Ngee Ang City followed by Hereen to look-see look-see. Hereen is crowded with people, because Avril Lavigne is coming for an autograph session, after winning 3 awards from the MTV Asia Awards 2003 which took place in Singapore yesterday. Bought part of my valentine’s day gift from a shop in Annex. =D

Lian wanted to look for long pants, so we went to Suntec City after that, didn’t know there is a way to Suntec City from City Link, they closed off the old one. The new way is such a long way, go up and down from a overhead bridge. Judging from the materials used for the overhead bridge, I think that is a temporary one.

Walked round the whole Suntec, still could not find suitable one that Lian like. Went to Marina Square for dinner at Kenny Rogers. First time are the 1/4 chicken there, not bad, but not as filling as the pop pie chicken. After dinner Lian went to This Fashion at Marina Square and bought 2 long pants. We proceed home after that.

Didn’t sent her back today because she wanted me to go home early. LOL. ChinaTown’s road is jam as Chinese New Year is approaching and people is doing their last minute shopping there.

Came back watched MTV Asia Awards 2003 that I have asked my dad to taped. I must say this year is definitely as good as last year one. Linkin Park, my favourite rock band came, but was quite disappointed because only 2 of its member came and they did not perform. Avril Lavigne walked away with 3 awards, I think the most compared to the others. I can’t believe F4 got the MTV inspirational award, I just can’t believe it. I think they made a mistake or something.

Will start work on my MMAD assignment task 1, tomorrow. What a long blog this is. LOL