Friends came over to my house to do MMAD Assignment Task 2, deadline due for our group in on 7th February 2003, right after Chinese New Year. Sian. Hate being the first group to do presentation, you don’t know what to expect and what question teacher will ask, even though you will have priority in choosing the presentation topic.

Talked to Lian on the phone in the evening as usual. Today marks the 5th month we have been together. LOL, how times flies.

Went to Nanto to eat Japanese at Liang Court, ate the Yakisoba. Very nice. Went to Diamaru later to look-see, look-see. Saw U2 having a great sales, up to 70% discount. Mom bought 2 shorts, which only cost $16 each(60% discount). I also bought 2 shirts for presentation, cost me $18(50% discount).

Woo, short day tomorrow, will be going to Marina Square after school with Lian. =D