Woke up at 11.30am again. Went to fetch Lian then proceed to my mom friend’s place for an Indian Cuisine lunch. The food is good, better then last year (last year we also went to her place).

Left her place at about 2.30pm, then we proceed to my grandmother’s(mom’s side) place for a while. Went back home to rest after that.

Had dinner at my dad’s sister place, she wanted to see Lian. LOL

So happy, whole day out with Lian =D ^__^

School starts tomorrow, 5th week. How envious of China, they have 7 public holidays. Just for your information, next year Chinese New Year will be on 22nd January 2004(Thursday), so we have 4 days(Thurs to Sun).

Total red packets count : 33 (2 is from today)