Woke at 11.30am today, went to my grandfather’s(dad’s side) house followed by my father sister’s house. Had lunch at her house. Missed her cooking. She was my guardian when I was very young, she watched me grew up. Hehe

Left her house after 2pm to Great World City to watch Shanghai Knights. 3.10pm show, we reached there quite early, so we sat down at Delifrance for some light snacks and coffee. The coffee there is good.

Show lasted about 100 minutes, nothing special about that show except that our very own Fann Wong is inside. Typical “Jackie Chan” style movie. I must say Fann Wong acted quite good, feel proud of her as she make her way to Hollywood.

Met Lian at Great World City after the movie. Was so happy to see her, didn’t see her for a day already. Went for dinner at Swensens at Liang Court with her and my family. They change the menu specially for CNY by subtracting the variety of food from it. LOL

Went to visit my grandmother(mom’s side) brother’s house with Lian and of course my family. Collected some red packets from there.

Lian came my house till 9.30pm before sending her home. Hehe =D

Will be going to my mom friend’s house tomorrow with Lian. =D

Total red packets count : 31 (5 is from today)