School ended at 1pm for me today. Stayed in school till 3pm doing MMAD Assignment Task 2 while waiting for pinktasy and gang to finish their lessons.

Lian’s group of friends and my group of friends came my house for a CNY steamboat dinner. There was plenty of food for the steamboat. Overall it was quite fun although I am a bad host(I ask them to treat it as their own house). First time so many friends in my house. Will be organising it again if I have the time(assignments stress is coming).

Talking about assignments, only left VBAS and IGRA assignment we have not had any information about it. The damm TBCM lecturer don’t let us choose our own group but anyhow group us together, saying that we will work well with people we not that close. Bullshit. And my group is the only 4 people group while the rest got 5 people in their group. I was pissed off with him. The way he teach us is not boring but it is “bo liao”.

Long day tomorrow, till 5.30pm, but tomorrow have my favourite lesson, VBAS practical lesson. =D