Today was a cooling day, whole day my body doesn’t feel warm at all. School ended earlier as usual at about 5pm, our VBAS tutorial always end early.

Took MRT to Bugis. Went there to look-see look-see and also Lian wanted to eat Mos Burger and to buy my Valentine’s day present. Walked a few rounds around Bugis Junction but Lian still don’t know what to buy for me, so I told her to buy something practical and nice. Will not be revealing what thing it is until Valentine’s Day. =D

Left Bugis at about 7pm. The sales person from PK Computers called me up informing me that EA Singapore has confirmed that C&C Generals will arrive on stores on Tuesday, 11th February 2003. Yay

Long day tomorrow too. Valentine’s Day in about a week time. Hehe =D