Received the Final Year Project(FYP) Group form today, during my MMAD lecture. Was quite surprise because it is too sudden, we haven’t even graduate from year 2, we need to decide for year 3 FYP already. Deadline to form your FYP group will be on 14th March 2003 and we need to hand in the project proposal by 21st March 2003. Super Stress, year 2 assignment plus year 3 FYP.

Shown my storyboard and node map to my MMAD lecturers, need more details in both of them. Need to add in more. Arrggg

School ended at 5.30pm today, went for dinner at Marina Square’s Mos Burger. This time ordered 2 large fries, 1 large ice milk tea and 2 burgers. LOL Yummy =D~~~ Love Mos’s food.

Came home, add in more details to my storyboard, hope I am able to complete by today and the node map by tomorrow.

Damm IGRA makeup practical tomorrow because teacher didn’t turn up on Monday.

Still pissed off because of the FYP formation of groups.