Had my VBAS practical today, it is one of the most challenging practical ever, took me about 1 hour to solve 1 of the question, but the remaining questions is easy.

Did the same thing yesterday, after school went to Funan’s Mac Donalds for a light meal, ate the Nasi Lemak again. LOL. I don’t really like Mac Donalds’s Burger.

Came home, started work on my MMAD Task 5 – storyboard, took me about 3 hours to complete the whole thing. Now left the Task 3 – Treatment to be done. MMAD Task 3,4,5 is due on 28th February 2003. I also got TBCM assignment to do. TBCM Formal Presentation on 27th February 203. Stress

Booked movie tickets for DareDevil on Wednesday, 26th February 2003. It is a 5pm show, will be going there after school. That day will also be Lian and I 6 months of being together. =D