Hehe, today marks the 6th months Lian and I have been together. I will be 19 in 26 days time. =D

Left school at about 1.30pm, headed for Pasta Mania at Scotts foodcourt. Ate the Ham and Mushroom Pizza. Not bad, can beat Pizza Hut’s pizza but not Marche’s pizza.

On the way, went to Orchard MRT Station to buy the concession bus stamp. Went to collect the DareDevil movie tickets that I have booked last week afterwards.

DareDevil is nice, the special effects is good, more special effects than Spiderman. If you like comic hero, this is the show for you. =D

Came home code my polls script which has been idling around for months, at last completed the add poll section and it is now integrated with b2. Will be uploading the poll as soon as I can.

Tomorrow will be my TBCM presentation and my VB practical mock test, Wish me luck =D