Had my TBCM presentation before lunch today, scored 60.5/80. During the presentation, screwed up 1 slide, don’t know what I am talking also. LOL

After lunch is my VBAS practical mock test for 90 minutes, completed the whole coding within 30 mins, but spent 1 hour figuring out the coin change logic. Sighz.

Went to Funan to eat beancurd(tao hui) from Jolli Express there, not too bad, but still prefer the Rochor Road one. Ate the Chicken Pie and Curry Puff from Polar, not that bad. Today was my poorest day, left only 90 cents in my wallet. LOL

Tomorrow also will be my mmas Director 8.5 mock test, hope I can make it. Had not been doing the practical lessons lately. LOL.

Lian will be having lunch with Jean, Stacey and Charlene tomorrow, thus I will join Reaper they all for lunch. What to eat. Hmmm