Lian had her MMAD Task 2 Presentation today, everything was as smooth as silk. LOL Pass up my MMAD Task 3,4 and 5 assignments although there is some stuff missing, but heck, lazy to redo just because of the few marks.

Went to the newly renovated foodcourt 3 in SP, ate the Nasi Padang there. Taste quite good, the atmosphere there is good. It is a Zen style foodcourt.

Took my MMAS mock test, surprising it was quite easy, I completed it much faster than VB. The lecturer said that the actual practical test will be more difficult. =_=

Went for dinner at Bugis Junction’s foodcourt before proceeding home. Came home finished my poll coding and make it “live”.

Played GLA campaign till mission 5, 2 more missions to complete it. It is so easy, so much easier than China or USA.

Hehe, will be going out with Lian tomorrow and eating Marche with my parents for dinner tomorrow. =D