Had the famous Mince Pork Noodle at Bestway building today, been months since I ate at there. After fetching my uncle from my mom’s office to the airport, she fetched me to Eunos MRT Station. Took Bus 51 and met Lian at her house bus stop.

Ate Mos Burger at Marina Square for lunch. Wonder why Marina’s Mos Burger is always not crowded and their service is always so slow. Walked round Suntec, Marina and City Link area. Bought 2 120 CDs pouch holder from City Link’s HMV for $25 each. Felt I got cheated because Carrefour is selling the same thing for only $18. 2x(25 – 18) = $14 cheated. =_=

Went to Marche 30 minutes earlier just in case there is any queue. No queue, but as time goes by, there is a queue building up. I had placed a reservation at 6.30pm and they can hold only for 30 minutes, which is 7pm. But by 7pm my parents is not here. No choice had to requeue, by the time it is my turn again, my parents had not arrived, no choice had to write down my name on the waiting list. When I told them I had placed my name earlier on, they just say no need to write again and only 90% of the group came then we are able to sit inside. I find Marche reservation system is abit lousy and the system they used is like we are going to prison, need to take so much effort just to get in. LOL.

After dinner, sent Lian home before proceeding to my grandfather’s place to visit them. Came home packed some of my games and application CDs into the pouch, my 800+ CD Rack finally look so neat. Hehe =D

Will be cutting my hair tomorrow, so warm, especially when sleeping that time. LOL